About NSP Tech

Company Overview

NSP Tech Inc. was founded by Scott Richman, a Microsoft-certified system engineer who worked for a Fortune 500 company. Pursuing his dream of using enterprise technology to leverage small- and medium-sized businesses, Scott successfully led a team of vibrant technology experts at Nerds Support, Inc. to assist business owners throughout Miami, Florida. After an increase in growth, Scott has extended the services of Nerd Support Inc., to NSP Tech Inc. to cater to mid-size and corporate businesses. Backed by a state-of-the-art infrastructure, our team always has your best interests at heart.

Since 2004, Scott has been combining his business acumen and technical expertise, leading to the creation of a dynamic managed IT solutions company, NSP Tech Inc. We, at NSP Tech Inc., help businesses achieve their goals, today and tomorrow. Our proactive IT services deliver a competitive advantage.


"I believe in providing our services to businesses who can truly benefit from NSP Tech, Inc.. It is always about quality -- having meaningful relationships with each of our partnered clients while helping their business leverage technology and stay competitive in their industry."

Scott Richman
CEO/NSP Tech, Inc.


To provide world-class IT solutions that make downtime obsolete and let you focus on your core business functions.

Core Values

Our core values drive the decisions we make and support our mission to provide our clients with unrivaled service.

Unwavering Integrity and Honesty

Our company recognizes that it is imperative to present our clients and partners with integrity and honesty. We never comprise these core values.

Professional Excellence

We serve our clients with services of superb quality based on our profound knowledge and experience.


We, at NSP Tech Inc., strive hard to maintain a mutually beneficial long-term partnership with our clients. We analyse your business goals and help you achieve those goals.

Clear & Concise Communication

Clear communication is important when it comes to delivering proactive IT support services. Our team keeps everything transparent and realistic to help clients understand what we are doing for their business.

100% Satisfaction

Whether you need computer support, data recovery, managed IT support, cloud computing, you can count on us for concrete results. We are committed to your satisfaction and profitability.