Collaborate more effectively

By moving to NSP Tech’s cloud platform


Improve flexibility and
increase productivity

  • Single sign-in simplifies how your employees access files and applications.
  • Automatically sync data across devices to drastically reduce time wasted saving and sharing old versions of company documents.
  • Current company directories help your employees stay in touch regardless of what device they’re using or where they are.
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Gain Control

  • Security monitoring
  • Tracking of online activities and devices
  • Compliance with FINRA, SEC, OCIE, HIPAA, HUD, GLB, and other regulations
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Stay secured

  • Centralized IT hub to manage and monitor all your software, data, and devices
  • Two-factor authentication, activity logging, device monitoring, encryption, and more
  • Guaranteed 99.99% uptime
  • 24/7 IT support
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