Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Prepare your business for potential calamities with Data Backup & Disaster Recovery services from NSP Tech.

Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

From user errors to hardware failure; software corruption to extreme weather, disasters come in many forms. The big question is this: Are you ready to withstand them?

Data Backup & Disaster Recovery services from NSP Tech back up and store your data in our secure data centers, spread across different locations. This way, we can eliminate chances of having a single point of failure. We also simulate disaster recovery scenarios to ensure all the necessary technology is in place and your data is restored as fast as possible.

NSP Tech’s Data Backup & Disaster Recovery services equip your business with:

  • Replicas - of your systems and data. Now you have something to back you up whenever things go wrong
  • Global Redundancy - store your backup in multiple locations to eliminate chances of having a single point of failure
  • Rapid recovery - we’ll get you up and running again in no time

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