Expand your business while staying on budget.


Business expansion usually comes with high costs: buying or renting new business locations, buying new computers and technology equipment, and hiring new employees.

But NSP Tech helps our clients reach their expansion goals without overspending -- thanks to our IT services.

  • AT&T
  • Microsoft
  • Quickbook
  • Comcast
  • Dell
  • VMware
  • HP
  • Lenovo
  • StorageCraft
  • Citrix
  • Elastix
  • Cisco
  • Connectwise
  • Avast
  • Netgear
  • Webroot
  • Magaya
  • SonicWALL
  • Windstream
  • Kaseya

Here is how NSP Tech helps you expand your business while staying on-budget:

  • Cloud Services - no need to buy or rent a physical office space when your employees access the systems and data from wherever they are.
  • VoIP Phone Services - avoid having to commute to an office space or meeting room when you and your staff can meet and collaborate virtually and effectively.
  • Smarter use of technology - with the same amount of human resources, you can increase your productivity by maximizing your IT performance.

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Client Testimonials

Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Rest easy knowing all your critical data is backed up and stored in our secure data centers, ready to be recovered when you need it.

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IT Support & Consulting

Get help from the professionals, regardless of whether you’re planning your IT strategy or in need of emergency support.

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VoIP Phone Services

Take employee collaboration to the next level with our feature-rich VoIP that enables multi-party chat, video conference, and more.

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Security & Compliance

Protect yourself from viruses, malware, spam, and cyber criminals, all while keeping your sensitive information confidential.

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